Mesa Recovery Program
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       A newcomer to our program shared: "I feel terrible. I cannot stop doing my addictive and compulsive behaviors, no matter how hard I try, and I cannot avoid hurting those I love when I act out. My life is so miserable and hopeless that I cannot see any way to keep on. My life will never get better. What am I to do?"

     Thankfully, things are not as bad as they seem. Things can get better. My life can get better—more to the point, if I want to, I can get better. No magic pill will make me better, and no deity will free me from my addictive and compulsive behaviors, but if I work at it for three good years, I can make myself better

     But it is not enough to want it; I will have to work at it. I will have to keep at it every day for a long time—at least three full years. I need to have the motivation, the commitment, and the tools to do the job. If I am willing to work at getting better every day for a long time, I can do it—with help. There is now an effective, scientifically and medically sound recovery program for addicts who truly want to recover—the Mesa Recovery Program.

     How do I do it? First, by reading and studying Getting Better, the book which not only explains the real nature and causes of addiction, but also provides tools for getting over it. Second, by using the tools in Getting Better every day. Third, by joining a Mesa recovery group, or by starting a new recovery group, or by persuading at least some of the members of an existing group in an ineffective program to begin doing things in a better way by studying this book and working this program in their meetings. It is very difficult to do all this alone, but fortunately, I do not need to do it alone.

     If I truly want to recover, I can do it. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick, but it is possible, and it will happen if I do the work. Recovery is the most difficult—and the most rewarding—thing I will ever accomplish. And I can do it, if only I will. I can have sobriety, recovery, and a successful life. It is not going to be easy or quick, but I can do it, if only I will.