Mesa Recovery Program
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About Us

     The Mesa Recovery Program uses the most up-to-date medical and scientific understandings to provide you a pathway from addiction to recovery. The basic premise of Mesa is the modern medical understanding that all addictions are simply symptoms of the same problem---the addictive personality. All addicts are either actually or potentially polyaddicts---that is, people with multiple addictions. Addicts add and switch addictions. That is why a recovery program which aims at stopping only one addiction cannot succeed. In order to recover from your addiction(s), you need to work daily on literally  transforming your brain from an addictive personality to a healthy, sane personality. This requires three to five years of daily work, because it takes that long to build the new neurological connections. Any program which promises you a "quick fix" is lying to you. The Mesa Recovery Program was established in Buffalo, New York in 2012 after yeaqrs of study and research into the most effective methods to redcover from adediction, and nw has meetings every day in Erie County. The Mesa Recovery Program is entirely free---no dues or fees. Books and other materials are priced as low as possible. This website describes the program and lists the publications which are available. If you want to discuss the program with a live person, please phone us at (716)254-2540. If you prefer to email questions to us, please do that to Take care; we hope to hear from you soon.